A BBQ enthusiast who has a passion for smoking ribs. Born and raised in Concord, North Carolina. I have always had a knack for cooking. Although I’m not a professional I love being in the kitchen and around a sticker burning smoker. I got the smoking bug around 2016, a good friend of mine had an old offset smoker he did not want and asked me if I would like to have it. Me of course never using a smoker before took it home and the rest is history (Thanks Damon). Looking to do something different than the traditional Texas style of Salt & Pepper with post oak wood, I wanted to bring my own flare using Red Oak along as my primary wood. My BBQ sauce is made daily from scratch. I am committed to serving you a rack of ribs to make you say, “I have never tasted anything like this”. Each rack of ribs along with my other smoked meats are made with love and passion. The satisfaction I get most from smoking ribs is to see the delight of each of my customers face!


My mission is to provide catering services prepare take-orders. In order to deliver the highest quality, I ask for 72 hours in advance to food prep. All food catered and prepared for order delivery is smoked the day.